Emergency Support Information

In the event of an emergency, such as a possible service outage or an urgent need for services (such as an urgent change needed to a web site), we offer a 24-Hour Emergency Suppport service. The number is: We offer this service as a courtesy to our valued clients. We understand that your web presence is important, and availability of services 24 hours a day is vital to your success. If something should happen to your site, such as a suspected outage, or you need to make an emergency request for services, such as an emergency change to your web site, or your computer is not functioning properly and you need help, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible.

We offer this service for our clients only. Calling of this number for purposes other than client support adds to our expenses, and is therefore not allowed. By calling these numbers for purposes other than requesting emergency support (such as soliciting), you consent to us billing you for use of the line, which will be three (3) times our current going rate. For information on our current going rate, please see our Web Site Development Services page.

Non-current clients who call the line will be asked for their name, the name of their company (if applicable), their mailing address, and phone number. No other discussion will take place until we have this information. Then, we will inform you that you have contacted the Emergency Support Line for Arlyle Consulting, and that they are subject to three (3) times the going rate unless their call is a legitimate call for one of the services we offer at Arlyle Consulting. For a list of current services that we offer, please see our Services page.

Arlyle Consulting reserves the right to enforce this policy as it sees fit.