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Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee

Independent Artist

Lisa Fredenthal-Lee is an independent artist in Sonoma County, California. For Lisa R Fredenthal-Lee, it has never been a question of lemons or lemonade. She will make art from either or both, and have the kind of fun doing it that is contagious. She has a Midas touch that causes jaws to drop and pretenders to blush. Upon encountering Lisa's work for the first time, one is likely to search for appropriate words to engage a fresh new face on the art scene. Her reply, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" And Lisa has been doing this for some fifty years.

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Lisa also has a couple of other web sites; Yea Art and Don't Throw That Away. We host and perform periodic updates for her as needed.

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'Remember' the Party


A group of former employees from the Trocadero Transfer in San Francisco, California, decided to throw a dance party featuring Classic 70's and 80's Disco, which was popular during the club's heyday. This web site was the primary source of publicity for the first event held on April 18, 2004. The event has since occurred on a regular basis and is very well attended, thanks in large part to the web site. Many people look forward to upcoming events and check the web site regularly for updates. The site has also become a tribute to the days of Disco in San Francisco, with many online photo galleries posted on the site. People can also view photos and videos of the recent events held. We've also integrated a music player on the web site so those who visit the site can listen to music clips from the recent events while they browse the site, providing a complete user experience. Tickets were sold online via EventZone, a service of Arlyle Consulting.

Arlyle Consulting is a proud sponsor of 'Remember' the Party.

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FlashDance SF


From the same folks who do 'Remember' the Party comes an '80s dance event. Done in much the same style as 'Remember' the Party, FlashDance SF was first held on May 18, 2008, and has been held regularly ever since. The event is very popular, and people check the web site regularly for updates on any future events. People can also view photos, videos and playlists of all of the events. We've also integrated a music player on the web site so those who visit the site can listen to music clips from the events while they browse the site.

Arlyle Consulting is a proud sponsor of FlashDance SF.

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Rigoberti Santos Segmented Wood Creations

Rigoberti Santos

Segmented Wood Turnings

Rigoberti Santos is an artist specializing in segmented wood turnings. He takes various segments of different types of wood and turns them into stunning creations ranging from vases to bowls to other magnificent creations. He needed a web site to help showcase is creations. We helped him create his online presence and created a site for him that would adequately showcase his talent. The site was also intended to help him sell some of his turnings, and he has sold a number of them, thanks to this web site.

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Chavin Consturction Web Site Screenshot

Chavin Construction

Construction Company

Chavin Construction, a construction company based in Marin County, California, and serving the San Francisco Bay Area, needed a web site that was different from what they had previously. Although the structure of the previous web site was good, they needed a web site that had a more professional look. This web site includes a photo gallery of their past projects, and a web counter on their front page.

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